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January 27, 1880 Edison Light

Man Dies Driving around a Barricade and drove over downed HIGH VOLTAGE WIRES

Thursday, March 08, 2018 01:10PM


A man died after authorities say he drove his car around a barricade and onto live wires in New Jersey Thursday morning.

The vehicle erupted in flames on Summit Avenue and Route 208 in Franklin Lakes just before 9 a.m.

Responding officers arrived finding a vehicle fully engulfed, with a live power line lying in the roadway near the vehicle.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

He has not been positively identified.

The fire totally gutted the vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing.

Massachusetts Fires in 2016

31,889 Fires - Up 1% From 2015

56 Civilian Deaths

295 Civilian Injuries

483 Fire Service In juries

$258.6 Million in Property Damage

742 Reported Arsons

Structure Fires

16,955 Fir es - D o wn 1% 47 Civilian Deaths

258 Civilian Injuries 417 Fir e Service Inj uries

$234.6 Mi llio n in Property Damage

151 Arsons Reported

Motor Vehicle Fires

2,357 Fires - Down 11%

9 Civilian Deaths 13 Civilian I nju ries

16 Fire Service Inj uries

$18.2 Million in Property Damage 88 Arsons Reported

Other Fires

12,577 Fires - Up 6%

0 Civilian Deaths

24 Civilian Injuries

50 Fire Service Injuries

$5.8 Million in Property Damage

503 Arsons Reported

Struct ure arson decreased by 27% and motor vehicle arson decreased 1 0% from 2015 t o 2016. Since 1985, mo t or vehicle arson h as fallen 98.3%. For statistical purposes, a fire is considered arson when th e cau se is listed as intentional & age is not a factor or the person involved was over 18. This definit ion excludes many "suspici ous" and j uvenile-set fires.

Department of Fire Services

Division of Fire Safety

  (978) 567- 3380

Massachusetts Fire Deaths in 2016

Civilian Fire Deaths                                                  

Men 54%     Women  39%     Children  7%

•45 fatal fires killed 56 civilians - 30 men, 22 women and four people under age 18.

•No firefighters died in fire-related incidents.

•Twenty-nine percent (29%) of fatal fire victims were older adults (over 65).

•Fire deaths decreased by 10% from the 62 deaths reported in 2015.

•Over three-quarters (79%) of the civilian fire victims died in their homes.

•In 20 1 6, smoking fires were the leading cause of residential fi r e deaths; smoking fires caused 19, or 43% of home fire deaths.

Causes of Residential Structure Fire Deaths

Smoking   43%

Electrical   9%

Arson         7%

Cooking     5%

Candles     2%

Heating     2%

Undetermined    32%

Department of Fire Services

Division of Fire Safety

 978- 567-3380

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