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An Act relative to clarifying homeowners right

 to perform electrical work   - IN LIMBO NO ACTION-

By Mr. Durant of Spencer, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 147) of Peter J. Durant and others relative to the performance of electrical work by single family homeowners. Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.

House Bill NO. 147

Homeowners will be able to obtain permits on single family homes.

We need to keep track of House Bill No. 147 in the 190th Court this year.

Here is the link…

House Bill H155

H155, An Act strengthening enforcement of Chapter 141 and 147 licenses

Adds new section 35YY to GL Chapter 10 to establish a Wiring Inspector Education Trust Fund consisting of 50% of the monies paid to the board of electrical examiners or their board of appeals. The secretary shall develop written criteria for awarding grants and other funding allocations. Amends GL 112:65A to increase maximum fines for practicing a trade or profession without a license to a range of $2,500 to $5,000. Amends GL 141:5 to provide for increased fines for those who engage in electrical work without conforming with the procedures and principles provided in GL Chapter 141. (Same amendment appears in HB 192). Amends GL 143:3L to increase the fine for failing to notify the inspector of wires about work to be done, to $5,000. Updates language to reflect new references to systems. Amends GL 143:3P to streamline the appeals process to the electricians board which in effect decreases transparency and appellant participation.

House Bill   H186

H186, An Act relative to licensure requirements for Jefte Rivera

Directs the Board of Electricians Appeals to allow Jefte Rivera to apply for a certificate B journeyman electrician license; prohibits the Board from denying his application solely because he required additional time to complete his education and work experience requirements; requires Rivera to apply for said license within six months of the effective date of this Act. No general or special laws cited.

Senate Bill  S161

S161, An Act strengthening the enforcement of certain licenses

Establishes a new Wiring Inspector Education Trust Fund on the books of the Commonwealth. The fund is to be financed 50% from monies paid to the state's Board of Electrical Examiners or Board of Electricians Appeals together with any interest earned on the investments, and is in turn to finance the awards of grants to inspector of wires associations, cities or towns in the commonwealth to provide education, training, professional and support services for the benefit of inspectors. The bill also raises a number of fines or fees, including such things like persons practicing these trades without a license.

Here is the link for the full hearing list. Please take a look and let us know if there are any other bills that might impact you.

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