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Wouldn't you like to own these ?

You Can own this fine "Coffee Mug "  just imagine your morning coffee before go out and do your Inspections,

                                             For a Special Price of $ 15.00 each.

Be proud to show this "Window Decal "  on your Car Window or inside your Office. 

                                             This can be yours for only $10.00 each.

We also have a "Great Pen"   with our LOGO & Web-Site every Inspector  should have one or two in there pocket great for signing off  Permits,  

                                             For a low price of $ 5.00 each

                       You can "Call or E-Mail" the Secretary, to place your order now!

All monies received helps the Association, Remember we do not solicit funds,

your Yearly Dues is what keeps the Association operating.

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